Shipston On StourCornerstone of the Cotswolds

Shipston old…

Our museum is a determined labour of love by a few of the town’s residents, who fought to get it stocked, get it open and keep it open. It is as independent as the town itself and its history is also well worth recording within its own walls.

The museum is packed with artifacts and memorabilia relating to the town and the surrounding villages.

It features unique aretfacts such as remains of the horse-drawn tramway and lots of items relating to Shipston’s wool heritage. There are displays on the two World Wars – and earlier wars –Roman and other remains, memorabilia of the Fire Brigade and the Railway. Here you will find thousands of photographs, documents, tools, coins, household goods, books, machinery and curios on display. And talk to the helpers who man the museum – their knowledge will bring every single item to life.

Why not take in the museum after the Tour of the Town?

Opening times: Easter Saturday to mid October: Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 2.0-5.0pm, or by appointment.

Finding the museum: Walk to the top of the Telegraph Street car park, past the alleyway to the town centre, and look left. You are looking at the access to the museum which is at the top of a flight of stairs. There are signs when the museum is open.

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