Shipston On StourCornerstone of the Cotswolds

Welcome all

Shipston is a charming little market town with a very compact centre. Even our famous, historic alleyways are easy to navigate with a wheelchair or buggy!

Follow the signs to the Telegraph Street car park, which is the nearest to the town centre. There are four Blue Badge parking spaces here. The public toilets are situated at this car park and include facilities for disabled people. A RADAR key is available if required from M & D Barbers shop in the alleyway.

This alleyway is at the top of the car park and leads directly into Market Place in the town centre. Look to the right and you will see historic Sheep Street, well worth a short and easy stroll up and down just to look at the architecture of the very individual houses and shops. Walk to the left and you will quickly come to one of our independent butchers, needlework and clothing shops, bakers and the pharmacy.

Go straight ahead and you will pass the tea rooms and straight into High Street, with its lively mix of independent shops and bars. In front of the CoOp there is reserved parking for disabled people.

In the Post Office you will find our Heritage Centre, which traces the history of Shipston through sheep and wool. In particular, look out for the tapestry and its place in local – and Flemish – history dating back to the 16th Century.

And, of course, there is the river. Go to the bottom of the High Street and turn left, then head to the Horseshoe. At the Horseshoe turn right, then first left towards the Old Mill and the bridge. Turn into the free car park on the left before the bridge and head towards the river. There are some picnic tables on the grass and from here you have a wonderful view of our historic bridge with the shallow waters of the Stour burbling through its brick arches.

Everything in Shipston is within an easy walk, there are no major obstacles. When you come here you will be surprised at how much of interest is packed into how compact an area.

So pay us a visit and see just how much of a welcome we can put into such a small space!

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